Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rocks and Rolls

You all win. I cannot let all of November go by without blogging once. Being very busy is no excuse. I mean it kinda is, but if I was more organized I could do this as some of my faithful readers get on me to do. I guess I figure that people have much better things to do than read my blog, so I'm being self fulfillling by letting this die a natural death. Or just looking for an excuse for not keeping up. Whatever.

A good part of my busy-ness is due to my tour guide course which is a lot more time consuming- and a lot more intellectually stimulating- than I thought it would be. We have had incredible lectures on geomorphology (yes, really!) so that I can now explain the chemical process that leads to holes in limestone and stalactite caves, how gorges are formed, that frost can cause landslides and why granite is found in pillars and not layers. Yawn if you must but for me it's fascinating stuff. Even as I broke every nail and bruised both knees on our hike through Wadi Kelt last week I was lovin' it. (Okay, could have done without the mudstains on my new shirt but that was my fault for wearing it.)

Last Friday night there was an earthquake at about midnight. Earl woke me up to ask if I'd felt it (??????) and proceeded to roll his eyes in his head along with the Richter scale, because while still half asleep I told him that the Jews started to rebuild the Third Temple at some point but when an earthquake hit they took it as a sign from God that the time was not ripe and dropped the project. I then got annoyed with myself for forgetting the date this happened. All while not yet fully conscious.

So he's convinced that I'm obsessed and my kids want to know if every Shabbat meal they will be regaled with some little known detail of our nation's history and my friends got glassy eyed at dinner out the other night and I have rediscovered how much I dislike doing homework.

Hmphh. As midlife things go I thought this was cool. Was I wrong?

Maybe I should have gone for the manicures and the vapid 'let's do lunch thing' and the kind of life a lot of other women my age have. I don't think so, just not me.

Although the manicure is sure sounding good right about now.

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