Friday, July 13, 2007

Beach Boys

We're in Ashkelon for Shabbat at the beach apartment of a nephew who not only has a good business head but is generous about sharing his largess. Doesn't always go together, fortunately for us in his case it does. Earl just went down to the beach with the girls so I have a few minutes. (That makes 2 posts this week, I'm so proud.) Guys heading here on their own steam.

What was supposed to be an easy, quiet Shabbat turned a bit, well, noisier. Nili is the only one home these days and she wanted to join us but bring a friend. Fine, actually better since we don't have to entertain her; throw a noodle or 2 in their general direction and all is fine and dandy. Then Dani came home from the army for the weekend and decided that instead of having the house to himself he would come as well, with 2 friends also out for Shabbat (the other 3 that he invited couldn't make it).

Actually, I'm happy to spend time with him (he's a great kid, always was, and his friends are terrific as well, what a coincidence, that) so it's a pleasure. Still didn't spend the day in the kitchen, but did hit 4 places up this morning to load up on prepared food for these very hungry boy/men. And am not so sure that it's enough. (The bane of Jewish mothers everywhere- jostling for prime worry time with our concerns for everyone we love is the niggling fear that we may- gasp- run out of food for our guests.)

On the way here we heard the national radio news, the usual reports accompanied by our usual disgust at the time our public figures spend covering their you know whats. But then after the weather update (cooler for a coupla days) I heard what reminds me of why I live here, in the only Jewish country in the world. The times Shabbat begins in the different cities in Israel, and the name of the parsha (weekly Torah reading). On the main radio station. Those little things make up for a lot.

Boys just came in and left for the sand, grabbing the bag of my homemade chocolate chip banana muffins (snatched by me from the deep freeze on the way out the house door at the last minute in case the bakery stuff went). Managed to rescue 2 for Nili and Co., but that's the end of that. Oh, no, do I have enough chicken?

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