Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I have been busy with groups coming through in the past few days. Of all the challenges that I face in getting them to understand that the 'settlers' are not the cause of the problems here- or anywhere- there is one thing that stands out time and again:

Westerners have absolutely no clue how the Middle East works. They think that if we're nice to Arabs that Arabs will stop believing what they believe. It is an incredibly naive, arrogant and patronizing attitude. Like it's all about how we act to them, not about how they feel the world should run and the obligations they have, religious and otherwise, to make that happen.

8 doctors, privileged and educated are implicated in the British terrorism plots. The West's fault?

And as for here. One woman yesterday told me that she 'read an article' that Jewish and Moslem medical staff that work together really hate each other. When I told her that I know from personal experience that it's just not true, she demanded to know why there was little socializing. I tried to explain that while the Jews can have the Arabs over we have been told by the Arabs that live in Judea and Samaria that they can't return the favor for fear of being killed by their neighbors and that they can't guarantee our safety. Tends to put a damper on the wine and cheese side of things. But she repeated that she 'read the article'.

Just call me a liar and be done with it, lady. I mean, why let facts bother your notions. The hypocrisy of the liberal left, when pointed out to them, makes them squirm. Why isn't anyone screaming about the internecine violence in Gaza? To only harp on Israel doesn't really fit what is supposed to be honest policies.

Another one repeated that she just won't accept that there is no solution. I guess the dissonance is too hard for them to overcome so they prefer to blame us rather than have to deal with the idea that the solution to this is not what we'd like it to be, and not because of us but because of them.

That's 2 serious posts in a row. Well, fasting today put me in a lousy mood. Having my soldier son tell me that his last week was spent learning to identify dead bodies didn't help, either. And trying to get through to people who are sure they know it all- from their comfy Beverly Hills digs, just adds to my malaise.

So frustrating. I'll try for lighthearted next time.

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Trying to fix the World said...

The problem is that the Arabs & Lefties have taken over the mentality of the media, if they haven't actually taken over the media. They have a strong voice on college campuses, where they can influence young and naive minds.
I had an experience in my own class with my teacher (whose married to a Palestinian, THAT class was a nightmare)tell us that to the only reason there are terrorists are because we label them as terrorists. If we would stop attacking them, they would stop attacking us.
Of course I knew she was spewing a bunch of BS, but unfortunately not everyone in the class did. And that's the sorry state of America today.