Monday, October 1, 2007

The Irony Age

We spent yesterday afternoon trekking back and forth to the Eitam Hill, one of the 5 new outposts that were established by those who have not yet given up on the idea that Jews should be able to live in all parts of Israel. No one is under any illusions about the viability of these places in the short term. (Meaning, no way this government is going to let some ideologues- nasty word- interfere with their pathetic groveling to our enemy to please, please take our land away from us and establish another terror state there. Excuse the run on sentence; what are the chances that former English teachers of mine are reading this blog, anyhow?)

So we walked, and walked, and I was happy that the sciatica that has plagued me for nigh, over 2 months now, has mellowed into just an occasional tingle and numbness, and that we were collectively doing a little tingle to counter the national numbness that has affected the vast majority of Israelis who despise this government but can't do much about it. For me it's all about my kids and exposing them to the good people who are dedicated to this country in the ways that count. So we went.

Today's news carries a quote from some defense official claiming that our activites distract the security forces from fighting terror. Perhaps he should direct his concerns to the Prime Minister who has, in a "good will gesture to moderate Abbas", agreed to release nearly 90 terrorists from jail today, including the guy who handed Saddam's incentive cash out to families of suicide bombers. Me thinks that may actually be more detrimental to the ongoing battle against terror than some enthusiastic Zionistic teens and young families who go up on vacant hills. Not to mention that the forces out there to either protect us or evacuate us- depending on orders- are not the terror fighting units. But maybe that's just my illogical thinking.

It does makes for good copy to blame settlers once again for everything. Getting kinda stale, though.

Off to take a bus from a tour group through the Gush today. Hope I can sit for a bit.