Saturday, October 13, 2007

To Believe or not to Believe, that is the Question

I just read Debkafile, the website that has sources in Israeli intelligence. According to prevailing wisdom, they are right about 50% of the time, which makes them essentially worthless. I mean, how do you know which 50% is correct and which isn't? So by all rights I shouldn't read it, but just like one is drawn to the slot machine- with a lot lower odds- I find myself checking in every couple of days. Ya never know. More than once I read something there and days later it was validated in the mainstream media. Not that the msm is so reliable, but at least it means that the disinformation is consistent. Or whatever.

Today they are reporting that Syria has called up their reservists and put their hospitals and civilian defense systems on alert. So what am I supposed to do with that tidbit? Clean out the bombshelter? Stock up on water? Say Psalms? Eat cheesecake because what the hell, might as well have a pack it on before the cockroaches munch on what's left after the chemical/biological/nuclear fumes dissipate? All of the above?

So since this added info is not adding to my general state of mental health, I should probably stop reading the site. My problem is that I'm an information junkie. Not necessarily news- I stopped that long ago- but I do like knowing things so that I can make my own mind up about them. That's why I just watched the Ann Coulter interview (I think Donny Deutsch went overboard, she's no anti-Semite, she's just a believing Christian. It's not the same thing, in my mind, anyhow) and read the Bar Rafaeli interview (she clearly has more beauty than brains, what a self centered twit) and am in the middle of a color book (not coloring book). It's so that I'll understand what different colors represent in cultures and tradition before I buy a new bedspread and reupholster my living room chairs. (For example, never do a kitchen in purple; it's the color of royalty and mystics, neither of whom hang out in the scullery. Yellow, however, wakes people up and whets the appetite so go with that.) The color of my room could have far reaching effects so I have to be careful.

Why do I believe the color stuff? Dunno, just makes sense to me. So if that's my guideline, then on reflection Syrian aggression makes sense, too. Sigh. Guess in that case I'll have to buy some H2O sixpacks and recite some 'yea's, 'thou's, 'art's and 'Lord's.

I'll hold off on the dessert, though. Don't want to explain to anyone that I can't fit into my skinny skirts because I thought we were heading for Armegeddon . That's too bizarre. Even for me.

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YMedad said...

whew. so no Syrian aggression so far?