Tuesday, March 13, 2007

On line again, naturally

I have finally figured out the government's plan to drive the Jews out of Judea and Samaria.

Lousy ADSL internet service.

I have been trying to post here for 3 days and am having a ridiculously difficult time getting on line. I am not alone- many of my neighbors are also suffering and of course Bezeq, the national phone line provider, denies any problem. Yesterday I had an important document to e-mail to a public official and it took hours and many phone calls (through Bezeq lines, of course. Hmmm. The plot thickens). How are professionals -or amateurs for that matter- supposed to get any work done when each page times out repeatedly?

So you heard it here first. The aptly named 'Convergence Plan' is insidious but brilliant. We will be unable to do what we need to do from our home computers and it will lead to us 'converging' on internet cafes within Little Israel in order to function. Yup. Go with the simple. It's not about Mecca proposals and King Abdullah-Bush tete a tetes. It's the so called 'Convergence Plan' all right and it's all in the details.

(I'm not sure when you'll be reading this since I'm writing it off line and will cut and paste later, when I can finally get onto my blogger site. So if you hear of a diversionary tactic- like the IDF finally going into Gaza to dismantle the terror infrastructure- you know who was behind it. The hilltop blog youth, and some middle aged ones, too.)

When I first started the blog a friend dropped me a note and said that she hoped I "stayed regular". Initially I thought she was concerned about the known systemic side effects of matza, with Passover approaching. Then I realized what she meant. Well, D., I'm trying.

We're not down for the count quite yet.