Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Purim is over. Isn't it?

Someone should tell the Jerusalem Post that Purim is over and they can stop running all those satire pieces. Like the article about the guy masquerading as Defense Minister who lost it in the Cabinet meeting yesterday. I mean, really, who would believe that this Mexican bandito look alike union hack would have that kind of responsibility with so many threats facing Israel? Even for Purim it's more pathetic than funny. It's almost on the level of having the most corrrupt and least popular pol in the country be Prime Minister. Get outta here.

And the one about China asking Iran to please, please open their nuclear facility for inspection; the accompanying sidebar has the Iranian FM denying that they've even temporarily halted uranium enrichment. Guess all that oil just isn't meeting their energy needs. Like, they wouldn't be doing all this for anything other than peaceful reasons, right? Which leads to the 3rd article on the page reporting on the meeting between Hamas' Mashaal and Ahmadinejad saying that "Israel will eventually disappear from the map and Palestinians (sic) should prepare for that". Yup, no point in procrastinating. Plan must be to kill us with kindness.

We have our own FM, Tzippi Livni, peeved because the latest blood libel type claim, that Israel massacred POWs in the '60's (they just happened to be battling Israeli troops at the time and not captured) is riling up Egyptians and putting a crimp in her visit with the Egyptian FM. "Right now the relations between Israel and Egypt are based on peace and understanding......" says she. Wow, there are 2 Egypts. How cool is that?

Moving right along, German (German!) senior bishops compared conditions in today's Ramallah to the Warsaw Ghetto. (I have found in my many years of Israel advocacy work that Europeans love to compare Israel to the Nazis, it relieves them of any guilt they may have over what they did during the war- or at least didn't stop others from doing. I mean, if we treat the Pals like we were treated then WWII is nothing to feel so bad about, whoever is in power kicks the little guy. We were getting it from them in the 40's so we trundled over here and did the same to the innocent Arabs who didn't know what hit them. I had that argument thrown at me by a Pal in a debate; that they were the ultimate victims of the Holocaust. I'd heard it before but usually not accompanied by Holocaust denial arguments, it's traditionally one or the other. I politely asked him to make up his mind what tack he was taking because you can't claim to be the victim of something that never happened. He was nonplussed, I was delighted. Knockouts are rare in this business, I have savoured that one for a long time now.)

Wrapping up what must be the Purim spoof section is of course the report of the Kassams falling outside a 'strategic facility' south of Ashkelon, shot from the Gaza Strip. I mean, no sane country would allow nearly daily barrages at not only their cities and civilians but at power plants and other critical infrastructure. No wonder (Ashkenazi, at least) Jews are the funniest people in the world, according to academic research published last year.

Maybe we have it all wrong and it's really Purim every day. I'll drink to that.

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