Thursday, March 29, 2007

You can take the girl out of California....

I'm back!

That's literal and figurative. I was in Los Angeles till yesterday and I know, I know, they have internet access in Lalaland but I was busy and also in a different head space. And hey, without Bezeq it just ain't fun. I had actually started to post a couple of times but kept getting interrupted so I gave up. Need the Judean air to inspire, I suppose.

So why was I on the West Coast? Glad you asked. I got to see my dad, which was a nice side benefit. It was not to shop- although I did hit Loehmann's for a couple of hours, an experience that deserves it's own post if I have the time. I was actually there for a few days with a Member of Knesset from the National Union, Arieh Eldad. How that came about is that there are some terrific people in the States, both members of the tribe and non, who are quite upset with the type of leadership we are suffering from in Israel today (no other way to put it) and would like to help politicians who are honest and decent with vision and integrity to perhaps get a bit ahead. (It's a short list.) Some of them care tremendously about Israel, some are extremely concerned that if the Saturday people get whacked the Friday people will then go after the Sunday people and they would like to prevent that. It's about saving the free world and maybe also a bit about not looking attractive in burkas. Different strokes for different folks.

I will elaborate another time, my fingers are cracked from scrubbing out the fridge, Matanya has 12 friends here for a sleepover birthday party (what you get when you give birth just before Pesach; wait till his bar mitzva next year) and they want pizza, homemade, natch. Melted cheese on the last of the pitot will have to do.

So this is a quickie just to reassure all you - both of you-worried readers that I'm still here in this insane reality. My Dani went into the army this week and hopefully will come home for Shabbat so I want to make some of his favorite food now, too. Enough excuses, will be back soon. I hope. We change the clocks tonight (Shinui arranged that so that Seder would start late and the kids would be crabby, they did anything to stick it to the religious, so sad) but I hope to have some extra time before Shabbat. Yeah, right. I can hear the laughter of many Jewish women at that one.

Till then. It's a beautiful crisp spring Judean evening. So good to be home.

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