Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Shavuot starts in just a few minutes, hence the brevity of this post.

It's far and away my favorite holiday. One day, no cleaning or building or lighting anything special. We fill the house with flowers, our tummies with cheesecake and blintzes, and our minds with Torah. It's the holiday that celebrates the harvest of the first fruits of the Land of Israel and the giving of the Torah, 2 things that are bound up with the Jewish people for eternity. Living just south of Bet Lechem (House of Bread) where the story of the Book of Ruth, read tomorrow, happened, just makes it more poignant and relevant.

And has me once again so very thankful to be living in this time and place.

Wishing for peace for all of Israel and especially the brave souls on Sderot and the south who are paying the price for the misguided leadership of today.

Back after chag. I'll let you know how my carrot cake with cream cheese frosting went over. (Yes, I used 5% cream cheese. That way I can have a bigger piece).

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