Monday, May 7, 2007

Voiceless in Judea

The week of mourning for my father-in-law is over; for some reason I'm left with no voice. I think Earl feels that's my unconscious attempt at making him better after his loss. (Although I'm no longer serving him and being as considerate as I was during the 'shiva'-and I was really, really, REALLY nice- at least he's spared having to listen to me. A gradual return to reality. Come to think of it, the kids are not complaining either. Hmphh).

As difficult as the week was for the family there's no question that the shiva was a celebration of my father-in-law's life and legacy. People who we haven't been in touch with in years came to his house, some called, many ex-LAers shared their own memories of him. In that way it was so nice to be together and have the siblings hear things they didn't know and be reassured that his memory will linger not just with the family.

The prize for incredibly stupid comment went to one visitor who said to them that the next time they would be together for shiva one of them would be missing because the shiva would be for that one. Got a moment of silence on that one. Sheesh.

The brit was very, very moving. It wasn't at all clear that they could use the name because Saba was alive when the baby was born and Ashkenazi Jews don't name for the living but in the end they got the okay. So just about 93 hours after Saba died -at 93-a great-grandson was given his first name in his living room - downstairs from where he died-so they could all be there. Let's just say that if you had bought Kleenex futures you would have done okay that day.

One of my nephews gave a beautiful 'dvar Torah' at the meal that we had in the synagogue about the connection of brit and Israel. It's too long to write but I will probably share it with my listeners on Wednesday on my radio show, live from 4-5 Israel time. Assuming that I regain my ability to speak. Awfully hard to do radio with laryngitis. Anyhow, if you go here and hit Judean Eve (ignore the pic, I must change it) you'll find me. I hope.

Very hot in Judea today. The weather in this country is so extreme. Shocking.

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