Friday, May 11, 2007


Shabbat preparations are winding down, the house is, well, if not neat then at least clean (kind of) and the turkey smells great. I'm not sure why I made turkey even although a whole fresh turkey is a find here so I grabbed it. Maybe I'm subconsciously thinking about our prime and defense and foreign ministers. That actually makes more sense. They're getting cooked, too, but not fast enough for most Israelis.

We had a demonstration this morning at the site of the rock attack that severely injured my former neighbor. She's on a respirator with head injuries and a daughter getting married in 2 weeks. I know that I'm not a security expert but it seems to me that we have lost our deterrence ability. I would have gone to the house where the rock was thrown from and very politely told the possible homeowner/probable squatter that if he doesn't find the terrorist then his house comes down. Let's see them start wanting to stop attacks- not for love of Jews, I'm not that stupid- but because if they don't then they pay a price. It's ridiculous how Israelis have to be afraid. These are people who use Mickey Mouse to teach hate to their kids and the world wants to give them a state and blames us for what's happening? A missile almost hit the Ashkelon power plant today, it's just a matter of time before a huge tragedy happens in Sderot, and Jewish blood is cheap.

Insanity. The historians will have a field day. Hope I'm alive to read the books. The forwards will have to be written by psychologists, though.

Speaking of Turkey, maybe, just maybe it won't fall to radicalism. They had some million people demonstrate against the mullahs and their moollas so who knows, they just may wake up in time. Wouldn't count on importing their water for a parched Israel, though. See above for turkeys and their brilliant policies.

Shabbat Shalom from Judea, where it may rain. The weather is as crazy as everything else.

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