Friday, June 15, 2007

The Graduate

We're invited to my sister for lunch tomorrow so I actually have time to write some more now. I admit that it's also an excuse to avoid the laundry room, where it's like a squid has gotten loose in the washing machine. You see, when Dani requested that I wash his (very filthy and stinky) uniforms before he returns to base on Sunday he neglected to take a pen out of the pocket.....

I'll deal with the ink later. Maybe Peretz as his last act as Defense Minister will change the traditional khaki to blue? He's done stupider things, so one never knows.

Yesterday was a big day around here. It was Earl's and my 26th Hebrew anniversary. Yup, doesn't seem that long but it must be. After all, Elisheva is over 24 and as she mentioned once, we've been married longer than she's been alive. (Old fashioned, aren't we? She was blond then when she said that.) Anyhow, Sivan 28 it is. We went all out and celebrated by..... going to Amiad's high school graduation. (Guess we peaked at 25). That was after I came home early from a bar mitzva party in the Maon forest in the South Chevron Hills. That family is definitely not in Teaneck anymore and gets major points on originality.

I was 7 weeks pregnant with Amiad exactly 19 years ago when we made aliya from LA on June 14th, 1988. The morning sickness has thankfully passed, although I sobbed my way through a nice chunk of the ceremony. Earl didn't understand why. (Sigh. You'd think after all this time he would get it.) Fortunately, sitting on my other side was another Jewish mother (read: person who is sensitive, emotional, on-line with the Creator with regards to our children at all times) who completely understood, and she's the school counselor, not even a mom of grad. (She's also the wife of Rav Yaakov Meidan, Rosh Yeshiva of Har Etzion in Alon Shvut. Wonderful, warm, unpretentious, a delightful person. He's also great.)

I mean, how can you not cry? Thirty two 18 year old man/boys, all going to serve in the army within the next year or so depending on what programs they attend now. What are the odds of all of them getting to a wedding canopy unharmed? It's makes us, kids and parents, all really appreciate the good times, and delight in their joy at being done with school, and the strong bonds they have made and experiences they have shared. These boys hugged their rabbis and teachers with such affection. Whether out of relief to be finished or not, it was really special to witness the tremendous caring there.

In the hope and prayer that they will remain safe and strong in the faith and knowledge that they worked so hard to attain. And that their parents (me, for starters) will find the strength to help them through.

Kinda puts the morning sickness and sleepless nights of yore into perspective.

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