Thursday, June 28, 2007

2 Philadelphias

Begin rant:

Just in over the news wire that quite a few soldiers were hurt today tracking down terrorists in Schem, including 2 officers severely wounded. Our boys are out there risking their lives to stop them and in the end the murderers are let out of jail because their terror organization demands it before they'll release an Israeli hostage. And we're fighting Fatah, while we prop up Abbas and feed the collaborators with Fatah terror in Gaza.

Something here is so wrong. How can the world not see it? Or actually, why even expect the world to see it when my own government is following such a policy. Let Egypt deal with the crisis in Gaza, maybe fill the trucks coming over the Philadelphi corridor with food instead of weapons. Why is that demand not made? Because we know that it bothers Israelis more- even righties like me-to see Arabs hurting, than it bothers other Arabs. Maybe the biggest dirty little secret of the Arab world, how little they care about each other.

Where are the humanitarian liberal lefties? Why are they not publicly skewering Hamas and the Pal civil war? Or do they only yell at Israel? That would mean that they are-gasp- say it ain't so, hypocrites. Shocking. Well, not really. To follow their behavior over the years is to realize that they only criticize Israel, because, after all, we won't kill them if they do, while their Arab friends don't take too kindly to that sort of thing.

Intimidated false liberalism. How sweet.

I met with a group a few days ago, university students from the States. 4 hours with me, 4 with Dror Etkes from Peace Now. I didn't- but maybe should have- told them that many Israelis consider him a traitor for going to European governments to fund their overflights over Judea and Samaria to track settlement expansion. (They don't track illegal Arab building, of course, although the vast majority of building out here is exactly that.) What I definitely should have mentioned is that the PN report that was released to great fanfare a few months ago turned out to be a major falsification of facts, although that correction was barely noted in the press, as usual.

Maybe at some point I subconsciously decided not to waste my breath. Most of these kids are so brainwashed by the Pal line, that they're the poor victims of Israeli aggression who have no choice but to explode everything around them. The 'cycle of violence' I heard ad naseum, the extremists on both sides. Like one Baruch Goldstein equals 500 terrorists. Seth Mandell spoke with them about the help he and his wife Sherri give to terror and violence victims as far afield as Philadelphia, Penn. Did they get that? That one can make a choice in their grief, to choose life or death. And that free choice is for the Jews one that seeks to improve the world and help others, while for the Arabs it's an excuse to deepen their death cult worship.

While assuring me that they believe there should be a sovereign Jewish state (thanks so awfully much guys) they espouse opinions that will lead to our demise or at best a war that will claim many victims.

Nice kids, all of them. Just typical examples of college campuses and the huge gap there is between the facts and the what they believe to be true. A vacuum that to my growing frustration the Israeli establishment is unwilling to deal with in the way it should be done.

Anyone out there want to fund an Al 'Jew'zeera? I will work my butt off for you if you do, and I'm not alone. (Yes, have a gym near the studio, that, would work, too.) But seriously, we're not just fighting the game badly. We're not even in the frickin' ring.

End rant. For now.

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