Friday, June 22, 2007

Sun Stroke

There is a heat wave in the country now, tomorrow is supposed to be 50 degrees Celsius (122 F) in the Jordan Valley.

I think our 'leadership' was outside without a collective hat on. The perfect opportunity presented itself last week to show the world what we have been dealing with vis a vis the brutality of the Pals. But no, they're running around asking for help for Fatah. The 'moderates'. Like Goebbels was a moderate compared to Stalin, or Pol Pot compared to Genghis Khan. This is insane.

I had an argument a few days ago with someone who thinks we should let them all rot. I disagreed, we should provide medical care to those who were shot, and let food through. I'm of 2 minds on the water and electricity that we supply. On the one hand it's the accepted way to get a civilian population to surrender, but we don't want them surrendering, we want them throwing off Hamas. But they voted in Hamas so why on Earth would they fight them? They're not happy with the brutality but, heck, Hitler was elected, too and brought on a mess for Germany. Sometimes you get what you asked for. So I'm holding off on that for now.

But risk Israeli lives to help any of them? Remove roadblocks to strengthen Fatah in Judea and Samaria? Have we completely lost it? Like they will only use the newfound mobility to track down Islamofascists and not target buses in Jerusalem or schools in Netanya. Give me a break.

Actually, give me a few days at the helm of the Information desk for the state of Israel. We might actually then broadcast something that makes sense for a change. If I do say so myself. Hey, this is my blog.

Shabbat Shalom. More after the peace of the Sabbath day has gone.

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